Do not share your card or Banking in­formation over the phone or internet with anyone, irrespective of whether you know them or not.

Always memorize your card and PIN numbers, and in case of any loss or theft, report immediately to the concerned bank so that they can temporarily freeze your account and prevent any further unauthorized transaction until you re­ceive your card replace­ment.

While using an ATM, en­sure that no one is watch­ing your finger movement as you type your PIN. Watch out for cameras within the premises that can easily capture your PIN number. Try and cover your hand while you type in the PIN.

While making payment at a merchant location or ser­vice provider like restau­rants, etc, insist on punch­ing in your PIN rather than hand over your card for pro­cessing the payment. Download banking apps di­rectly from the bank web­site and avoid using links that you receive via email or SMS to download your banking app.

Never save your card pass­word in a regular folder in your computer hard drive or email account. If the ac­count gets hacked, there is every possibility that an un­authorized transaction will take place.

Do not share MPIN with an­ybody (not even with bank), and be suspicious of un­known callers claiming to be from your bank.